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With 20 years experience selling in the UK, the team behind Phase 2 has generated over £100m of revenue.
for technology businesses. Founding Director Elliot Zissman explains how Phase 2 helps companies expand into new markets

Case Studies

PolyAI, a business leading the way in conversational AI for customer services, turned to Phase 2 for help when they wanted to target scale-ups and needed assistance in finding those all-important initial customers.

“We worked with Phase2 to help augment our sales resource which allowed us to flexibly experiment the demand for our product in an entirely new market. They did a great job of understanding our proposition and getting us in front of the right people. “

Stefan van der Fluit, Business Development Manager, PolyAI, London

Between 2013 and 2017, we helped a leading North American data services provider grow to $5m of annual recurring revenue from a standing start.

“Phase 2’s diverse sales team were instrumental in driving growth of my business internationally – from a standing start to a profitable, established business. Strategically adept, but not afraid of getting their hands dirty, they understand what it takes to get things moving, and build a long-term sustainable pipeline and drive a meaningful impact to our bottom line.”

Gregg Kitaeff, SVP Global Sales, Big Data solutions company, New York City

“From the beginning, Phase 2 has given very valuable feedback about our service offering and the way it’s packaged up. Their team are proactive, experienced and (importantly) personable enough for me to be totally happy with them representing our company! They keep in touch regularly with progress reports, and very quickly we have been able to see real interest from their efforts. The other amazing thing is that once things are setup for us, the results accelerate, so we are already seeing an increase in the number of qualified leads we’re getting and having great conversations with people who we otherwise would never have met. Their enthusiasm in our company also helps to motivate me and my team – we truly feel they believe in us and that means we know they are out there championing us convincingly!”

Keren Lerner, Founder, Top Left Design, London

“Phase 2 allowed us to quickly scale, penetrate new markets and make an immediate impact; providing us with additional revenue streams that would have otherwise gone unrealized. Not having to take the risk of hiring expensive sales leaders before we had tested the market was incredibly useful – when the time came to scale up, we had the data to back up our decisions.”

Steve Ruthfield, VP Sales, CyberSecurity Company, San Francisco

We worked with Growlabs, to help them test the market for a future UK launch. 2800 potential customers contacted 14000 times generating 42 qualified leads Leading to 17 opportunities

“It was an absolute no-brainer to work with Phase 2 – if we’d have started to build a team directly, it would have been incredibly expensive.  For a modest investment, we had access to a team with all the skills and experience we needed. Felicity did a fantastic job as our sales rep. We have real world data on what works / doesn’t work, and on top of that, actual clients from a test campaign. Perfect.”

Jeffrey Fleischer, Head of Business Development and Partnerships


Phase 2’s clients start the journey to international growth with the “Test the Market” program and benefit against going it alone

  • Save significant costs, fixed, with no surprises, making it a far less risky investment
  • Capitalize on speed to market – clients start & often finish the program before most businesses have done their planning
  • Utilize data to measure what’s working and what’s not – prepare to scale with confidence
  • Receive qualified leads during the program for you to turn into revenue generating opportunities. The program should pay for itself!

Test the Market program Features

Phase 2 offers a 6 month program to provide clients the opportunity to Test the Market for their product ahead of an investment in international expansion.

The 6 month program includes the following features:

  • Pick your initial target clients along with Phase 2’s sales strategy consultants
  • Have sales messages crafted by experienced British copywriters
  • Receive full contact details from GDPR-approved data sets
  • Phase 2’s technology will send emails and LinkedIn messages
  • Be allocated a dedicated caller who will learn what matters to you and get those messages out there
  • Get feedback on successes and failures – in real time and in a consolidated report
  • Revise the plan on a monthly basis to refine your messaging and increase the likelihood of success

Book a meeting to get a quote

Book a no-strings attached call for 30 minutes with one of our consultants, included:

  • Ask all the questions that we’ve not answered on this page
  • See if we’re the right fit for each other
  • Get a price to deliver the 6 month program for you


We often get asked the following questions, so let’s address them here:

No, and anyone that says they can, is lying to you. Our team come to work every day guaranteeing that they’ll work hard, try their best and contact as many people as they can. Results will come – but we can’t guarantee when or how many.

Not in the early stages of a client relationship. It’s not fair for us to take on the risk when we don’t know your product.  Our fees are fixed, but reasonable. We will provide a set level of activity and you can measure our performance against that.

No! Unless you are physically shipping goods in the UK. In fact, it’s a great time… the economy is going well and the exchange rate is really weak.  So in your local currency, the costs are far lower than they have been for years. Now is the time!

Sure. What’s your market? ________   oh yes, lots. Seriously though, we specialise in B2B Saas technologies and have a wide range of industry expertise – cyber security, AI, fintech, martech and more. But actually, at the initial phase of testing the market, it doesn’t matter so much – it’s far more about the process. We’ll lean on you in the early days to ask questions about the benefits of your solution, and we’ll learn very quickly. Over time, we’ll get to know your products inside / outside. But for now, we’re starting off by setting up demos and calls for you, and if there’s questions we can’t answer, we’ll hand them over.

Let’s have a call to discuss that.  But here are some key questions – can you deliver your product anywhere in the world? If yes, then great.  If not, then it will take more than a sales team to grow internationally. Also, what does an average customer pay you?  If it’s too low – maybe <$5k a year, then you don’t need a sales team, people can buy over your website; But more than that, and you’ll need local humans to help build trust.

Yes. Data protection and data privacy is a big thing and you can’t spam people. You need to contact folks in the right way, else there’ll be big fines.

No. The price we quote at the start will what you pay. No extra charges for data, for technology, for reports or for qualified leads. Everything is included – no surprises.

Yes.  You can see how things are doing as often as you like, but we’ll deliver you a report each month and have a call to discuss.

Yes. We’re representing you, so it’s important you are comfortable with what we are saying. We encourage you to get involved as much as time permits..

Yes.  We will allocate a primary person to do the calling. Of course, if they’re off work, we’ll provide a backup.

We would normally contact as your company so would need an email address in the name of the person doing the calling. We’ll make sure the caller’s LinkedIn account shows them as working for you, so everything will nice sync up.

Yes please – if possible, we’d ask for two things. First, adding our mail servers to your DNS means that we can send emails as you, in a way that ensures a far higher deliver rate.  Second, if you can add in a UK phone number (we’ll arrange it for you), then it will show you as more “present” in the UK, which is great for prospecting.

Leadership Team

Elliot Zissman


Phase 2 was founded by Elliot Zissman, who brings 20 years of success to taking technology firms from a low base to a strong number. For the last decade, his focus has been working directly with international companies, to launch into Europe, and with founders to commercialise their sales operations, coach their sales teams and take them to the next level. Prior to this, he was a consultant for global enterprises advising on how the internet would disrupt their business. He started his career at HSBC and holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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KatieSeabrookHead of Delivery

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