We help you grow

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Calling all Game Changers

Those disrupting their industries. Those battling big against long-standing incumbents.

You know you need to build trust to succeed. It won’t be immediate but the long term benefits are clear.

Educate your prospects on the benefits of your solution, and get your message in front of your target audience. Nurture those relationships and get sales meetings that will close.

To discuss how we might be able to help you…

Working with Phase 2, you’ll have a predictable pipeline of engaged, well qualified, meetings, delivered at an affordable rate overall – and this is all backed by our money-back guarantee

The challenges we help you overcome

You know that generating meetings from “cold” is critical to growth – you can’t just rely on referrals and organic social; paid for is an option, but expensive. But how do you do this with maintaining your “brand” and not coming across as a spammy annoying git (as everyone else seems to!)

Your content isn't adding enough value

You need to educate prospects, and hence your content must actually do that. It can’t be click-bait, it must add value. Otherwise, when a prospect consumes it, they won’t be impressed; you’re falling at the first hurdle

Content not being seen by your target audience

With limited brand awareness; in a noisy digital world, it’s a struggle to break through. Just posting stuff and hoping it gets seen and engaged with is not enough

Lead generation activities aren't leading to enough good quality meetings

The pressure is on to generate sales meetings, but if they’re pushed for too quickly, the prospect will not be fully engaged; the timing needs to be right and the leads needs to be warmed up

The Soft Selling System

Phase 2 has developed the Soft Selling System. It’s the system to develop content, get it in front of your audience and warm them up – without coming across as a spammy, annoying git!

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Our Money Back Guarantee

With our “Done For You” service, following the Soft Selling System, we will guarantee a minimum number of meetings over the year.
If, after 12 months, we’ve not hit those numbers, you’ll get money back.

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