Phase 2 works with ambitious fast growing companies, who recognise that technology can help them scale up. They have a large number of prospective clients and need to get their messages out to them, in an efficient way.

Whether sales are undertaken by the Founder, the Director, The Partner, the Head of Sales, or a dedicated sales team, they know that time is precious and resources should be spent talking with clients and prospects as much as possible.

Our services aren’t for everyone of course – if you are selling a £50 product, you don’t need a sales team (you should be selling online); if you are selling a £5m product, you don’t need to worry too much about the cost of customer acquisition – you’ve got maybe 100 people to speak to and you can afford to spend more on acquiring those customers (invite them all to your executive box at Lord’s or Tottenham). But if you are selling a service or product where the lifetime value of a customer might be £10,000 – £100,000, that’s where you need a sales function (because it’s a considered purchase) but you have to make it as efficient as possible (else the cost of customer acquisition will be too high).

Most of our clients are based in the UK, but if you are overseas and looking to enter the UK market, you understand the need for a local team – please visit this page to see how we can help. Our team have taken companies from across the world from £0m to £10m within a few years.

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Sales people are productive only 30-40% of the time.
The rest of the time they are doing boring repetitive tasks like finding people to target, chasing up for meetings, finding the best times for calls, following up after meetings, entering details into the CRM – all important, but not an efficient use of time, or money.

Not enough time or investment in sales technology.
If you don’t think technology can help make the sales job more efficient, you’re not learning lessons from every other function or industry. Look at retail and how the efficiency has increased as people shop online – why can’t B2B sales automate certain activities? Sure we need some human interaction, but not with every task. Tech can help at every stage of the sales funnel, to drive revenue and reduce costs.

Poor admin means opportunities are lost.
Sales people are often pretty poor at filling in details into the CRM, hurting your ability to forecast properly, creating duplicate records and not having information pass throughout the company. When future tasks are not entered, opportunities slip through cracks – how often does a sales person wake up in a cold sweat, realising that they’ve forgotten to follow up and now it’s too late?

Poor use of data makes it difficult to improve or invest.
Everyone talks about A/B testing – finding out which messages, approaches, target clients or timings work best, but most sales organisations simply don’t look at the data. Data can be analysed at every stage of the sales funnel to help determine where improvements can be made. Data can also show you how much a customer is worth, and hence how much a meeting, a warm lead or a cold lead is worth. Once measured, you can invest confidently in sales, understanding fully the ROI.

A truly scalable sales team needs world leading processes. 
Building a sales engine is not just about hiring a persuasive person and giving them LinkedIn SalesNavigator and a CRM. It needs the right processes to make things scalable: deciding who to hire and what to outsource, what tools to use and what KPIs to measure. Building a scalable sales team requires experience of what works and what doesn’t. Without it, you’ll end up spending an increasing amount on overheads, driving up your cost of customer acquisition.

LinkedIn brings all these challenges together.
Despite it being the most effective lead generation tool (especially, but not solely, in B2B) and the best place to source data on your key targets and most important clients, LinkedIn lives in its own world. There’s no measurement of the time spent on this network or the results gained – no way to determine which messages work best or which profiles are optimised effectively. There is no syncing with the CRM, no processes, overlapping of work and repetitive tasks. For many sales functions, this is the first thing to get right.


Phase 2 helps clients by putting in place automation tools where possible, recommending improved sales processes and showing how data can be used to increase sales. The outcome is that the sales process – whether undertaken by dedicated sales people or company founders – is much more efficient, allowing companies to scale up quicker and with lower costs.

Most of our clients find that LinkedIn is the best place to find new clients. And hence that’s where we typically start. For more information, please visit our dedicated LinkedIn Managed Service website.

For overseas companies looking to grow into the UK, Phase 2 can provide everything you need to go-to-market, underpinned by modern technology and data. For more information, please visit our Going Global.


Scale your sales rather than your selling costs
Reduce lost opportunities and gain efficiencies through technology
Use data to improve at every step of the way
Best practice processes keep costs down
Invest with confidence of the returns that will be generated


Headquartered in London, Phase 2 brings together market-leading sales technologies with a skilled team who brings years of experience from companies as diverse as enterprises like HSBC, American Express and Four Seasons Hotels, through to venture-backed Silicon Valley tech companies.

The business was founded by Elliot Zissman, who brings 20 years of success of taking technology firms from a low base to a strong number. For the last decade, his focus has been working directly with international companies, to launch into Europe, and with founders to commercialise their sales operations, coach their sales teams and take them to the next level.