About Us

What makes us different from our lead generation agencies?

Well, as with much of marketing, it’s all about the copy. We make sure we deliver really interesting content to your leads, to get them engaged. And then we will nurture them for you, so that the timing is right for them.

This means that the meetings you get are truly valuable – not just been pushed for, to hit an arbitrary target.

Phase 2 is headquartered in London and has been trading since 2018. We’re an outbound marketing agency,
generating sales meetings for clients.

Why do we exist?

To elevate sales people, from being perceived as “just annoying”, to being trusted to help solve important business problems.

We help them earn this trust by ensuring that every engagement with prospects adds value – by teaching those prospects how to fix the challenges they have.

“I really believe that sales people can help their prospects by teaching them new things – how to overcome problems – rather than just sending emails and LinkedIn messages every 3 days asking for a call.”

Elliot Zissman, Founder and Director, Phase 2

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