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Phase 2 provides a managed service for the Soft Selling System.
This video explains exactly what goes into that system and what we deliver for our clients


Create content that gives insight

Benefit of Spark

Educating your audience is the best way to build trust. Building valuable content will show people what you believe, and how you would fix their problems, when you get to work together. And it’s easier to get people to download a report than spend time on a meeting at this stage.

What goes into the Spark system?

Your views on who you help, how you help them, and why you are special 

What are the activities undertaken?

Scan: what are the ways you help clients overcome their challenges?
Conduct interviews to identify the problems that your product or service can solve.

Specify: for the most pressing, write reports on how you address those
Create detailed reports that articulate how you uniquely solve these problems.

Style: design it well, so it’s easy to read
Design your reports to be visually appealing and easy to digest.

Shift: provide different formats to the content
Offer the content in multiple formats like text, video/webinars and audio

Split: repurpose so that long form is broken into shorter form
Break down long-form content into shorter pieces such as blogs, quotes, and reels.

What comes out of the Spark system?
  • Educational content:
  • Special Reports / Blogs
  • Report excerpts (to post individually)
  • Special Report Script & Slides for Webinar
  • Video snippets (to post individually)


Distributing that content

Benefit of Send

By sending your high value content directly to your ideal prospects, they are far more likely to consume it, than simply posting it on social media. It’s a scalable way to drive engagement and maintain ROI.

What goes into the Send system?

Educational content

What are the activities undertaken?

Segment: identify your ideal target market
Profile your target market to identify ideal clients for your product or service.

Source: get contact details (LinkedIn and Email)
Obtain /purchase individuals’ LinkedIn profiles and email addresses.

Socialise: build network and introduce yourself
Establish connections and make initial introductions to your target clients.

Share: every so often, message a summary of content directly
Periodically share summarised versions of content to keep the audience engaged.

Speak: engage when get a reply
Interact with any responses or queries to keep the interest alive.


What comes out of the Send system?
  • Leads that can be warmed up
  • Pre-filtered to your ideal clients
  • Know who you are
  • Have a problem you can fix




Nurturing until they are ready

Benefit of Sustain

Warming up your leads over a period of time further builds trust and increases both the likelihood of getting a meeting and that meeting with someone that knows how you can help them. You will be meeting with an engaged buyer and have a far greater chance of making a sale.

What goes into the Sustain system


What are the activities undertaken?

Supply: make sure the content is emailed
Send your high-value content directly through email.

Stimulate: follow up to discuss / get opinion
Promptly follow up to answer any questions or engage in discussions.

Serve: email additional content over time
Keep sending additional valuable content to continue nurturing the relationship.

Score: wait for right time, base on engagement
Monitor and assess the level of engagement from the prospect.

Secure: ask for a meeting
Once the prospect is adequately engaged, extend an invitation for a sales meeting.


What comes out of the Sustain system?
  • Meetings that your sales team will love
  • Meet your ICP
  • Engaged having read your content
  • Ready to talk (and soon will buy!)


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